11 Sensory Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Not sure what Santa will put under the tree this year? You’re most likely not the only one. That’s why we have created this list of sensory friendly gifts that will be a hit.

Weighted Blanket

weighted blanketThe pressure of a weighted blanket can be calming for everyone, but especially people with sensory issues. Weighted blankets vary in how much they weigh. The recommended choice of weight is a blanket that ways about 10% of one’s body weight plus 1 lb. If you cannot purchase one that is 10% of one’s body weight, it is better to get one that is lighter rather than heavier.

Raindrop Swing

sensory swingThe hanging swing that’s even better than a hammock is a great gift to give this Holiday. Raindrop swings will swaddle your child which gives a sense of protection while also blocking out unnecessary sensory input. This swing also provides great therapeutic benefits. After you easily install the raindrop swing either indoors or outdoors your child will never want to get out of it!

Mini Trampoline

mini trampolineLive in a place where it’s too cold to play outside for 70% of the year? Do you struggle to find ways to help your child let out their energy during a day at home? A mini trampoline lets your child get their energy out while not taking up too much space in your house.


Chewigem ChewelryChewigem is a company that sells a variety of discreet products designed for children that have the need to chew. Their “chewelry” products include different styles and designs of both necklaces and bracelets that are made to be chewed on. Chewigem also sells other products that you can find on their website.

Foam Pogo Stick

foam pogo stickThis Foam Pogo Jumper that can be used either indoors or outdoors will help to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, balance, and motor skills while also providing them with a ton of fun and exercise. Your child will love jumping around to hear the fun squeaky noise that will come from the foam bottom.

Hopper Ball

hopper ballFor under $20, this is an inexpensive yet great gift that you can give to your child. Just inflate the Hopper Ball with the pump that is included, then sit back, relax and watch your child have a blast while also staying active!

Water Beads

water beadsWater beads are a great way to encourage sensory exploration. These colorful, smooth and squishy beads start out tiny and then grow within a few hours when placed in water. There is an endless list of ways to play with water beads, but probably the most popular is to simply fill a bowl with the water beads and dig in to feel and squish them.

Kinetic Sand

kinetic sandDoes your child love playing in the sand? Are you tired of the sand that somehow always finds it’s way into your home? Kinetic sand is the perfect solution for avoiding the mess while still enjoying playing with sand. It feels like sand, moves like sand, but won’t stick to you like sand! All the fun without the mess!

Sequin Pillow

sequin pillowA sequin pillow is a simple yet satisfying item that is perfect for creative children. This pillow is a great toy for letting your child’s imagination run wild while also helping to relieve any stress or anxiety.

Giant Bean Bag

beanbagBean bags can create a sense of safety, security and comfort for your child. This giant bean bag comes with handles attached and is filled in a Zero Landfill Certified Facility so it is environmentally friendly as well. Plop this bean bag down in any room to create a comfortable spot to relax in. Movie nights will become much more comfortable for both your child and you since you won’t have to all squish onto the couch anymore!

Sequin Pets Stuffed Animal

sequin petsThis could sequined stuffed animal could be the perfect item to keep your child occupied anywhere you go. This plushy and weighted stuffed critter has sequins that your child can “pet” and reusable stickers that they can use to decorate their furry friend. Your child may spend hours crafting, cuddling, and petting this stuffed animal

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