5 Activities for your Halloween Party

Looking for a fun way to be festive this year for Halloween? Think about hosting a Halloween party for your child and their friends! Planning a Halloween party can give you and your child some time together while you plan games, snacks, and who they want to invite. You may choose to implement some of these ideas into your party this year.

  1. Mystery Box

    Find a larger box and cut holes on two opposite sides that are big enough for an arm to reach through. Cut out the bottom so you can place a bowl inside of the box. Fill bowls with things like cooked pasta, jelly, etc. Let the kids each take a turn to put their hands in the box and try to guess what they are feeling and see who can guess most correctly. If there are kids with sensitivity to certain textures, use things like dry pasta or plastic skulls or fangs.

  2. Spider Races

    Blowing is calming, so this game may be perfect for your Halloween party! All you will need is plastic toy spiders, some straws, and an area to create a start and finish line. See who can blow their spider across the finish line first to win!

  3. Halloween Bingo:

    This activity is pretty straight forward. Create your own Halloween themed bingo card or find one online. Have Halloween prizes (fangs, candy, eyeball stress balls, etc.) ready to give out to the winners!

  4. Paint Pumpkins

    Use this as an opportunity to spend some time with your child at the pumpkin patch to pick out enough pumpkins for everyone coming to your party, or ask each parent to bring a pumpkin for their own kid. Many kids on the spectrum have a hard time carving pumpkins because of gross and minor motor issues, but painting pumpkins is a great alternative. Make sure to use non-toxic paints to prevent any mishaps.

  5. Movie Night

    Depending on how long you are willing to host people, it could be fun to end the party with a Halloween themed movie! You could create a comfortable spot to sit or lay down on the floor by stacking a few comforters or plushy blankets on the floor in case you will not have enough couch space for everyone. You could make Halloween themed movie snacks to let the kids munch on while they watch the movie.

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