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Joshin connects caregivers to rewarding care jobs. Our dedicated service and technology make the process of connecting with families, getting hired, and earning an income easy.

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To join our caregiver network, you'll need to pass a safety check and meet a few requirements. 
  • shield-iconPass a Background Check
  • shield-iconMust be at least 18 Years Old
  • shield-iconHave at least 6 Months of Disability Care Experience
  • shield-iconHave a High school Diploma or GED
  • shield-iconOwn an iPhone or Android Smartphone
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This app is so easy to use and a great way to connect with families. I love the Care Plan and being able to see what care is needed since every individual is different. Support has been really accessible and reliable!

— Kjerstin, Minneapolis

Joshin is a wonderful way for families to connect with the perfect caregiver. I have been a caregiver on Joshin since they first started in Chicago and I couldn't be happier. The app is easy to use and I've had some amazing Care Dates! The entire team is very supportive and cares about each family and caregiver they work with. I would highly recommend Joshin!

— Alison, Chicago

I have been a caregiver on Joshin for several months now and it is amazing. The convenience and quality are unmatched. The Joshin team is always super kind and willing to answer all questions.

— Ricarda, Minneapolis

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Common Questions

How do I book a care job through Joshin?

There are two ways to connect with families and get hired for a care job.

An individual/ family will see your profile and reach out to you via the messenger service on the Joshin platform.

You can apply to care jobs by responding directly to a job posted by a family or individual.

How do I get paid?

Joshin offers several options for caregivers to earn money on the platform. Caregivers can get paid through a payroll after being hired by self-directed members on the platform or directly through the platform by our self-pay members.

Here are some steps caregivers take while getting booked on the platform:

  1. You will receive a push notification through the Joshin app and an email indicating that you have received a request to be scheduled to provide care by a Joshin member.
  2. After your Care Date has been completed, you are paid within 1-2 business days through your Stripe account.
  3. Caregiver earnings are not taxed through Joshin.
  4. At the end of the year, caregivers who have earned $5,000 or more and have been paid through their Stripe account will receive a 1099 tax document from Stripe indicating Joshin earnings.

Can I be hired by more than one individual/ family on the Joshin Platform?

Yes, you can work with multiple families on Joshin to grow your caregiving business. Keep the availability section in your profile up-to-date and you can be hired by as many members for as many care jobs as you want. Don’t forget to request that Care Dates be scheduled through Joshin so you can manage your schedule all in one place!

How will I know what is required of me for the Care Date?

Each member on Joshin has a unique Care Plan that gives you all of the information you need to provide care. There, you can view diagnosis details, medications, behaviors, routines, and more! Caregivers can also leave Care Notes from their time with the individual so they (or the next caregiver) have that important information.