FAQ: Medicaid Self-Directed Services in Current Markets with Joshin

Did you know? Joshin families can use their Self-Directed funding to pay for Joshin recruiting services.

Joshin has expanded its Self-Directed Service from its Minnesota to now all current markets: Chicago, New York City, which includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx.  Joshin is designed specifically for the challenges that families with special needs face… the obstacles of finding qualified caregivers. We support all ages and a wide range of needs, including; Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, physical disabilities and more.

Our network of caregivers (“Joymakers”), are rigorously screened through background checks, experience reviews and social media checks. Joshin Experience Manager, Sarah McComb indicates, “Joshin has seen a 40% increase in caregivers applying to the platform over the last 30-days.” She adds, “Our Joymakers want to continue to serve family’s during this time.”

According to Medicaid.gov, the Affordable Care Act, authorized section 1915(k) of the Act to offer self-directed services. Under this section these tasks include the ability to recruit, hire, fire, supervise, and manage workers in the provision of Community First Choice Option services and supports.  This means, families using Self-Directed Funding pay a monthly fee to recruit Joymakers on the Joshin platform. Once the family finds their Joymaker they work with their fiscal agent to hire them according to their state guidelines.

Given COVID-19 and the extraneous conditions this puts on businesses and families; to date, there are currently 40 states with an approved 1135 waiver to address COVID-19 on the CMS website. The purpose of the modifications to 1135 waivers is to lessen the strain on families and providers to find care during this time. This means now more than ever, it is easier for families to use Joshin to recruit caregivers and quickly bring them on to provide care.

Joshin Advisor and disability advocate, Michael Kutcher who has a personal experience with overcoming obstacles says, “A caregiver unfamiliar with these needs may not know how to react, or may lack empathy in given situations.  Additionally, often times the individual will react differently to a caregiver who understands their needs versus a less familiar caregiver.”

 Melissa Danielsen and Melanie Fountaine, twin sisters and co-founders of Joshin, say that the idea for Joshin was inspired by their older brother Josh and they continue to be inspired by the 1-5 families in the US with special needs. Fountaine notes, “The CDC just announced that 1 in 54 children is now diagnosed with autism, a nearly 10 percent increase from 2014.”

Danielsen notes, “It takes the average family with special needs 6-8 weeks to find a caregiver. Joshin does this work for them and has their caregivers in one place for them to review.” She adds, “if a family wants to start the process with Joshin, they simply go to the Joshin Self-Directed Page and complete the form.” It’s that easy!

As Joshin continues to enter new markets, Self-Direction Service for families will grow with it!

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