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When employees feel fully supported, companies thrive. Joshin increases employee engagement and performance through our comprehensive support solution that brings transformational outcomes to your diverse workforce.

Here’s the reality for most companies.

Most accommodations processes don’t work.

Inaccessible accommodation processes and nearly 52% of managers unaware of available accommodations leave disabled and neurodiverse employees figuring out their own support, leading to higher turnover, errors, and lower productivity.

DEI plans forget the largest minority group.

90% of companies have DEI plans, but only 4% include disability in their inclusion initiatives, leaving out the largest minority group and 3rd largest economic power in the world.

Employees feel a real stigma.

Systemic ableism in the workplace causes a harmful stigma around disability, resulting in just 3% of employees disclosing their disability. The fear of job loss or missed promotions perpetuates exclusion and blocks opportunities for disabled employees.

Leadership lacks meaningful knowledge.

Over 30% of the workforce is connected to disability, yet 72% of managers are uncomfortable discussing it. This has a significant impact on the company culture and support for employees. Without open acknowledgment, companies are not able to effectively support employees.

Your in-house expert.

We’re not a point solution. We’re an integrated partner that impacts your entire organization to create a lasting impact. We directly support employees while working across your organization to solve complex challenges.

My 4yr old is in Speech and OT for sensory issues. I’m learning more about IEPs and other support for him from my Joshin coach.

Joshin Member, Chicago

I realized we often evaluate candidates in interviews based on their eye contact, confidence, or articulation, which is not always evaluating the true strengths or skillsets someone could bring to the table. This can harm neurodivergent people and our organization’s inclusivity. Joshin’s training helped me understand this.

Joshin Member, Minneapolis

My Navigator was very kind, informative, and really helpful. They even went out of their way to try and find creative solutions to help me. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Joshin Member, California

Everyone is so knowledgeable and very empathetic. It is so nice to hear that I am doing well adjusting to life as a caregiver for my husband with Parkinson's disease. In one of the coaching sessions I had, we discussed how I should move around our house to be more accessible and prevent falls. The expert guidance that came out of this session was super helpful. These were simple things I never would have considered.

Joshin Member, New York

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