Guide to Finding Care for a Child With Developmental Needs

The traditional path of development involves enrolling in school, progressing through the various grades, and building friendships with your peers along the way. If your child has developmental needs, however, this path can be a lot less straightforward.

For example, your child may need support to progress through school, develop meaningful relationships, improve maturity, and achieve other developmental milestones that are required to thrive in our society.

If this describes your child, as a parent you’ll want to connect them with the professional care they need. With this in mind, below are three tips worth remembering on your next search for child care to help you settle on the best possible option. 

Join a Supportive Community

Join a community of people you can relate to and learn from. Build a support circle, ask questions, and learn about what works for others. Speaking with others about their experiences not only makes this journey easier but educates you on your options. 

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Consult Local Organizations

When it comes to helping your child with developmental needs, the more information you have, the better your decisions will be in terms of care. This is why exploring what specialized organizations are available in your area can be so helpful.

You’ll often find that local (and state) agencies, hospitals, universities, and school districts can offer you plenty of helpful resources. These might include training programs teaching you how to use a feeding tube, offer positive support and guidance, promote language development, and other helpful skills worth knowing to help care for your child.

Explore Alternative Schooling Options

If your child is having difficulty in the traditional schooling system, you may also find some universities and school districts that offer more supportive schooling alternatives. These alternative schooling programs still rely on regular teachers but also have staff trained to deal with children with developmental delays in the classroom. 


Knowledge is power, and with the information above, you can set about finding the perfect kind of care for your child with developmental needs. If you’re still having difficulty finding the right kind of care, regardless of your child’s specific needs, let Joshin help you in your journey

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