Joymaker Do’s and Don’ts

Being a Joymaker can be one of the best jobs, and we want to make sure that you look like one of the best! We compiled this list of Joymaker do’s and don’ts to help you reach your full Joymaker potential.

Don’t: Use an unprofessional picture for your Joshin profile.

Refrain from using any of these types of pictures:

  • have Snapchat filters such as the dog filter
  • mirror selfies
  • pictures with other people in them

Do: Update your profile information!

Families are looking at your profile to decide if they want to book you for a Care Date or not, so it is very important that you have as much information as possible and that it is up to date!

The areas that could be considered the most important are:

  • profile picture
  • bio
  • location
  • availability
  • experience

Don’t: Forget to set up your Stripe account.

Make sure to set up your Stripe account before your first Care Date to ensure that you will get paid.

Do: Enable push notifications.

You only have 24 hours to accept/decline a booking request, so you will want to be notified as soon as a family sends you a request to make sure you don’t miss it!

Don’t: Wear perfume or scented lotion.

You don’t want to show up smelling like a Bath & Body Works store. Keep the scents to a minimum when you are going to a Care Date!

Do: Dress appropriately.

You want to act professional with your families, but you don’t exactly need to dress professionally. By that, we mean maybe don’t show up in a blazer and heels. Show up in something that will be comfortable for playing games and doing all sorts of activities.

Don’t: Show up late!

Chances are if the parents book you for a Care Date, they have somewhere that they need/want to be. Leave with enough time to allow for wrong turns, traffic, etc.

Do: Use the Joshin app to get directions to your Care Date.

If your family has their address on their Care Plan, you can look at your “Upcoming Bookings” and find the directions there.

Don’t: Forget to check in/check out.

The first thing you should do when you get to your Care Date is scan the family’s QR code. Each family has a QR code on their Joshin app. When the family comes home and it is time for you to head out, you will want to scan the QR code once again to check out. If you do not do this, it could affect the payment process.

Do: Request a QR code from the family if they will not be present for check in at your Care Date.

We have some Joymakers that pick children up from school or day care or from the bus stop. This would mean that you won’t see the parents at the beginning of the Care Date. In this situation, the Joymaker can request that the parents print out their QR code and give it to the child, leave it in their backpack, or on the fridge or counter. The Joymaker can then scan that to check in for their Care Date.

Don’t: Leave your family in the dark. (Take care notes!)

Families love to be able to see what you did during your Care Date. During your Care Date, you can update the family by taking Care Notes. You can include things such as “Went to the park” or “Made PB&J’s”. Adding these Care Notes could increase your chances of being rebooked since the family will be able to look back and remember how great your Care Date went.

Do: Submit your Care Notes before the end of your Care Date.

After you enter your Care Notes on the Joshin app, you want to make sure to submit them before the end of your Care Date. If you wait until after the Care Date, you won’t be able to submit them for the family to see.

Don’t: Sit on your phone during the Care Date.

Families are expecting you to provide quality care. Put the phone down and focus on the child during your Care Date unless you are adding some Care Notes or checking the Care Plan.

Do: Engage and have fun!

You’re a Joymaker, so do activities that will make joy! You can either come prepared with some activities in mind, or simply ask the child that you are caring for if there is anything that they would like to do. Build a friendship that could continue to grow through each Care Date!

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