Spring forward with these sleeping tips

It’s that time of year again. If you’re a parent you know what we’re talking about…the dreaded Daylight savings! Also known as, the ‘routine-wrecker’. Okay, we might have made that up, but the change in time really can throw off your sleep schedule – especially for kiddos. The good news? We have some helpful tips that make for a smooth transition as you spring-forward your clocks this Saturday!  

Get to sleep earlier 

Since we will lose an hour of sleep, it’s smart to start adjusting your child’s bedtime routine a couple of days before Daylight Savings. Try 30 minutes earlier the first night, and an hour the night before. By Sunday you and your family will wake up feeling rested after receiving your normal amount of sleep. 

Wear off some energy

You may be asking, “Okay, so how do I get my kids to sleep an hour earlier than their normal bedtime?!” Our best tip…get active! Go for a long walk or bike ride. Play some good old-fashioned tag. By wearing off energy, your little ones will be more likely to fall asleep faster and earlier. And hopefully you will too! 

Avoid caffeine

During the days leading up to Daylight Savings and for some time after, we recommend avoiding caffeine and sugary treats. Stimulating drinks and foods can make it difficult to fall asleep, especially when adjusting to a new routine. 

Try to be patient 

There is always the chance of the time change not going as smoothly as planned. Losing sleep can be tough, and may lead to more meltdowns than usual. We recommend adding more ‘quiet time’ to their day or maybe an extra nap. But don’t worry, everyone will naturally adjust to their new sleep schedule. So hang in there and know this adjustment is only temporary!

If you need to catch up on some sleep yourself, schedule respite care! We have a network of caregivers ready to support you, even if it’s only for a few hours: Find respite care near you.

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